Wilhelm Arngrimsson
  • Name: Wilhelm Arngrimsson
  • AKA:
  • Rank: Ulfric
  • Status: ACTIVE (Danegeld Due Yule 2015)
  • Titles: Ulfric, Hertogi, Lord
  • House: NA
  • Orders:
  • Awards:

Persona Info

  • Time Period: 9th Century
  • Origin: Based in land east of Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Lineage: Vilhjalmr, son of Arngrim, son of Sigurd, son of Thorril, son of Ulfgar, son of Jorri, descendant of Heimdall, Son of Odin by the Nine Waves of the Sea.
  • Backstory: Arngrim, Vilhjálmr's father, was from Uppsala, and his family has almost always been near the area, with origins and naming conventions following it's East Germanic origins in the Vandals. (Though Arngrim himself was named after a dear friend his father Sigurð had made from Norway)


  • Service
    • Current Rank: 1 - Novice
    • Tokens: 4
  • Huskarl
    • Current Rank: 3 Scout
    • Tokens: 11


Backstory (Cont.)
This may at first appear erroneous, since the Vandals in fact are thought to have originated FROM the Uppsala area, and thus lending their name to the area of Vendel. However it is a strange happenstance that somehow the migration of this particular bloodline has gone in circles. First travelling south and east in the Migration Period, then again West under King Godigisel in 400AD. It is unknown when the Northern return took place, but it was well before 750AD that the lineage was to be found in the Jelling region, before making a skip back to Uppsala, it's ancestral grounds.

Vilhjálmr spent most of his early life leading raids or simply travelling to the West, far away from his father's holdings. It is during these trips to the West that he gathered most of the retinue of men whom he would call the Vetrvaldyr, the Wolves of Winter (named for his fondness of the Snow, and his devotion to Odin, as well as the tales he had heard of his father, who was called Wolfcaller by some.). The furthest he had gone was to Jórvík, where he had claimed a woman far from her home in the Kingdom of Gwynned, as his wife. It was around that time he and his gathered forces headed back home, loaded down with their plunder and camaraderie.

The lands held by Vilhjálmr Arngrimsson are some matter East of his (now-departed) father in Uppsala (near what is modern day Norrtälje). His land of Vetrheim was established around 885AD. The proximity to the Eastern coast means great opportunities for himself and his men of raiding, making homestead, or even traveling further East.

Wilhelm himself ponders much over his course of action. Raiding has been bountiful indeed, but perhaps the riches offered by the lands he hears tale of, Holmgarðr, can offer more…

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