Boedvar Skavensson
  • Name: Boedvar Skavensson
  • AKA:
  • Rank: Prinz
  • Titles: Ser
  • House: Southern Principality
  • Orders: Riddari
  • Awards: Bowed Head

Persona Info

Time Period: 9th Century
Origin: Norwegian Born Icelander
Backstory: Born in the village of Hammerfest in the remote area of northern Norway known as Hålogaland in 857 AD to Skaven the Dark and Elga Jarvonsdotter, Bodvar traveled to Iceland with his father in 875 AD in an attempt to establish a stronghold for King Haraldr Hárfagri (Harold Fairhair) the 1st King of Norway.



  • Leather Craft
    • Current Rank: 3 - Journeyman
    • Tokens: 66
    • Pass Expert Challenge
  • Guardsman
    • Current Rank: 4 - Druzhinniki
    • Tokens: 23


  • Riddari - Knighthood of the Empire
    • Rank: Grandmaster
  • Hersir
    • Rank: 1 - Hersir


  • Backstory
    • Born in the village of Hammerfest in the remote area of northern Norway known as Hålogaland in 857 AD to Skaven the Dark and Elga Jarvonsdotter, Bodvar traveled to Iceland with his father in 875 AD in an attempt to establish a stronghold for King Haraldr Hárfagri (Harold Fairhair) the 1st King of Norway. Shortly after they were joined by his mother who soon gave birth to his younger sister Fritha. After exceptionally cold winters, and a heavy battle with forces also trying to establish a foothold in the new territory, Skaven and Bodvar were able to defeat their advisories and establish the settlement. For their heroic actions in battle and leadership through the cold harsh seasons, they were given command of the settlement (Name of group was Midthgaard but need to change due to conflict with Mikhel’s current Drott.).
    • After only a short time in Iceland King Haraldr sent Bodvar across the Baltic Sea as an ambassador and fosterling to Vladimir The Great of The Empire of the Wolf. Bodvar and Vladimir decided that Bodvar would have to Thrall to the empire before being given full Karl status, just as all members of the Empire are required to do instead of just being handed his Karlship due to his noble status in King Haraldr’s court. After a rigorous Thrallship, in which Bodvar was often the only Thrall to accompany the Ulfric and the Dronning on their many diplomatic trials, and seeing how loyal and defensive Bodvar was to the throne, Vladimir decided to name Bodvar one of his first Merkismander and awarded him with a bronze armring. After his impressive display of control and his adherence to “the old ways” and what it meant to be a true wolf of the empire, Vladimir bestowed upon Bodvar a great honor, He entrusted his new Merkismander with the original war banner of the Empire and in so doing symbolically named Bodvar the Standard Barrier of the Empire and soon after awarded Bodvar his full Karlship in the Empire. At this point Bodvar meet his soon to be lifelong friend Hrothgar. After many adventures and battles together, Hrothgar and Bodvar began to become thirsty for grater adventure.
    • Vladimir, seeing Bodvar for the influential diplomat that he was, decided to send Bodvar and his good friend Hrothgar to investigate the disappearance of a remote Drott in the southern areas of the Empire and to reestablish the Empires presence in that area. Very early in their adventures, Bodvar and Hrothgard came across a horrific seen, an entire village burned and destroyed. Bodies were hacked and gutted everywhere; entrails lined the paths and hung from the trees, like a macob display of streamers decorating a horicic and grotesk celebration of mutilation of an etire people. Though they had seen many bloody battles and fierce acts of violence, this image of this town would stay with their nightmares for years to come. Bodvar, being hesitant to question the Gods took the opportunity to replenish their supplies with anything the poor people of this ravaged village may be able to provide. To their shock and amazement, they came across a lone survivor of the slaughter, a young Anglo/Saxon named Catlin.
    • Though her physical wounds were only minor, the horrific ordeal had left her severely traumatized and Bodvar and Hrothgar immediately agreed that they should take her along with them. Along the journey they came upon a slave trader with a large group of fresh slaves. Although Hrothgar and Bodvar were not attune to the idea of slaves, they did realize they would need some strong arms and extra swords on their journey, so they gathered their resources and bout a slave. He was an Irishman, strong backed but unskilled in combat, however smart of book. As they traveled through unfamiliar areas, the Irishman became an indispensible resource for his vast knowledge in a verity of fields. Due to the linguistical challenges of the 2 cultures the Salve was referred to as “Rooha” the Norse world for red, due to his striking red hair. After discovering the untimely demise of the former outpost and the attempt to reestablish order and control to this area in the name of the Empire, Vladimir the Great, in his vast and divine wisdom saw fit to appoint, with the full support of the people, Bodvar Skavensson, Drotten of the new Drott, The Raven’s Watch, in place of the old one.
  • Outnumbered
    • There we were. The dew of the morning air hung thick in the light of the rising sun. Like the smell of sweet honey wafting up form the kettles of the brewmaster first batch of the years mead. Me, Hrothgar, and 3 of our finest thralls, face to face with 50 of the retched cur. They were hopelessly outnumbered! I took a deep breath, looked at the strong confident faces of the men beside me that I called BROTHERs, faced the enemy, and let forth a battlecry that shook the every roots of the world tree it’s self. With that, we strode full force down the hillside and crashed into our enemies like a wave of steel and stone.
    • The battle raged on, our enemy fell beneath the weight of our might blows. And when the dust settled, there we stood, we five, men of the Empire. Our enemy lay wasted at our feet. Then, from out of the very mists of battle, one of my ravens, nightbeak, swooped down from his perch upon a near by tree and snatched an arrow in mid-flight. Though this speed was enough to keep the arrow form skewing my skull, it was not fast enough to prevent it form piercing my left eye. So there I was, blood and eye ooze running freely down my face. I scouted the area with my one good eye to find a lone fighter armed with a bow not more then 50 yards form where I stood. I grinded, wiped the blood form my empty socket, griped my hammer tightly, and charged at him full speed. I’m not sure it was bravery, stupidity or pure unadulterated fear, but the boy just stood there, motionless. As I came within sticking distance, still no movement. I raised my hammer, smiled at him, and said “Remember boy, if your going to start something, make sure you can damn well finish it!” and I landed the head of my hammer right square in the center of his face!
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